My name is Ute Bruno, I'm German and live in Luxembourg and Italy. I'm often on travel and I like to bring back images evoking the relationship between humans and their environment. In Ghana, Japan and Cuba, China and Mongolia despite the social and political difficulties of places, I strive to show life in her happiest aspect. From a photographic point of view, I use my camera with great liberal use. The technique is only a means to the service of an image and the transcript of its emotions. I had my first experience with photography at the age of 12. Together with my father. I went to a black & white darkroom workshop, it was then when I found my hobby, which over time became passion. After finishing high school, I pursued a career in photography. After 3 years of working experiences in different German cities I got my master degree in photography in 1987. I've always worked independently and based on many experiences in different countries (Germany, Canada, Luxembourg and Italy). I've won a couple of photography awards and displayed a lot of exhibitions. In October 2017 I traveled with several artists to Mongolia. Due to an invitation of 'one belt one road international art exhibition I partecipated in 2 exhibitions in 2 different cities. In 3 weeks we crossed Mongolia and got to know the nomadic life. This was an adventure in extreme circumstances and especially emotional. The people and the landscape of Mongolia touched me, very deeply. I've lived with the nomads together in their "yourt" tend and I was able to experience how hard the survival of the people there is. Expecially the women of the Nomads have to work extremely hard! And yet they are happy with their wonderful land and unique nature, very proud and hospitable. That's how the human should be!